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Intrinsic Safety (IS) is a protection technique for safe operation of electronic equipment in hazardous areas by limiting the energy available for ignition. In signal and control circuits that can operate with low currents and voltages, the intrinsic safety approach simplifies circuits and reduces installation cost over other protection methods. Areas with dangerous concentrations of flammable gases or dust are found in applications such as petrochemical refineries and mines. Combined has experience and communications solutions to suit these environments.


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Combined Communications develop solutions to allow you to dispatch more jobs and manage your fleet to its full potential with a range of dispatch management solutions. Fleet tracking, turn by turn navigation and voice communications all in a smart end to end solution.


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As the lifeblood of any community, government agencies require communications that will link field and line services at the push of a button. Be it local, state of federal, Combined Communications has a solution to suit the need.


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When the message just has to get through, you can rely on Combined Communications experience in mission critical communication systems to deliver. Ensure that you are getting to your staff, your fleet or your customers at the right time and in the right place and they can talk to you. Where they need it and when they need it.


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Whether a project requires hundreds of staff or only a few, effective job-site communication is crucial for completing work efficiently, on time and under budget. Combined Communication will provide a solution that can help increase productivity and reduce the risk of mistakes and wasted time, directly impacting a project’s profitability. Combined Communications offer the latest models on the market offering compact, powerful, easy to use and dependable, economical ways for workers to communicate with supervisors and each other without monthly time limits.


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Combined Communications can deliver a solution allowing utilities companies to communicate immediately and across agencies to line workers, field operatives and executives with simple push to talk radios. By providing secure, cost effective and reliable voice and data services to utilities companies, Combined Communications help to drive performance and customer service levels while minimising interruptions.